INSPIRATION: F/W 2017-2018

INSPIRATION: F/W 2017-2018

The only rule is not to follow the rules!

A collection inspired by great women. They delight, they fascinate, they inspire. Each of them is far from ideal, but in each there is something that captures the views ... and each of them has its own story ...

Whether it's the laid-back elegance of Audrey Hepburn, the androgynousness of Twiggy or bodyfication from the most famous blonde in the world - Marilyn Monroe, who loved to wear tight dresses that emphasize the figure and shortened tops.

In Jane Birkin, we borrowed the love of flap pants. She believed that the best pair of flared trousers were plain white t-shirts and classic knitted sweaters, but always gave a piquant image with the help of lack of linen.

Before Jackie Kennedy, the wife of a politician, had the task of never diverting attention from her husband, her style had to be restrained and ideal. That's why you will not find in the collection of frank cutouts or short skirts.

The fearless Madonna and her revolutionary style, which breaks all boundaries, inspired us to knit corsets and dresses that set off the chest.

But, probably, most of all for this collection, we took from Marlene Dietrich, who managed to do a lot for the whole history of fashion - she first appeared on TV screens in a trouser suit. Despite such men's clothing preferences, Marlene Dietrich always looked sensual and feminine, which made her an icon of the style of her time.

They admired and admired to this day. They are real standards of style outside of time, which brought to the world of fashion their own, individual elements, which have always become actual trends.