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"Somehow, walking through streets of Florence in 2012, I saw the windows of Louis Vuitton boutique, decorated by eccentric  Yayoi Kusama in her trademark - psychedelic dot print. From the windows appeared whether fanciful tentacles, or nerve endings, fully painted in graphic quality dot print. As it turned out in the end, the collaboration of fashion house Louis Vuitton with Japanese artist did not stop there - they submitted a joint collection, which developed the design of clothes, shoes and bags, painted in the same patchy print. Since then, my head does not leave the idea - create a collection of cardigans (cardigans!) studded with huge "peas" ...

Why cardigans? Cardigans have long migrated from formless "grandmother" sweater to a certain irreplaceable thing that should be in every wardrobe!For me cardigan - is the basis of the look. Very often I catch myself thinking that I select the look under the cardigan, and not vice versa. Its relevance does not depend on the time of year, it fits perfectly under any shoes. For brand KNITEL cardigan - it is a separate yelement, like a wedding dress among the evening ...

By creating our mini-collection of cardigans «Dot Power» we left our customers a choice of colors from the palette, which has more than 130 colors and shades. You can also select the thread of the three options presented: 100% cotton, wool mix or woolen. "

                                                                                                                                                                                              Nataliya Knitel