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Family look

Family look

Girls are so girls!

    What daughter does not dream to be like her mother? Many girls try on her mother's things, shoes, secretly use mother's cosmetics and perfume... And sometimes mothers do not mind to dress her daughter in stylish clothes, the one that carries itself. The same looks - one way to emphasize the connection between mother and child, to raise a sense of style and taste from young age. A single look creates a unity between mother and daughter, brings them not only related, but also as fashionistas - one adult and one younger only.
Family relations as the basis for a healthy and long-lived family, has many manifestations, including a reason for wearing a similar or even identical clothing. This is the popular family-style "family look".

KNITEL gives you the opportunity to create together with your girls. Our "family look" has an incredible number of interpretations with different accents and combination of several shades. We'll take care of the quality and warmth of our products, what would you feel comfortable and stylish with your baby.