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KNITEL - label with a distinctive character, oriented on purposeful and independent people, where self-confidence borders on a sense of style.

Philosophy. Clothes that looks differently on each person, because no matter who it tried, it will carry a special meaning ... self meaning.

Goal. Create an image that can convey the uniqueness and individuality. To form a recognizable style, which emphasizes the best.

In no case do not claim the title of the designer, I just create clothes that gladly wear myself. KNITEL has own individual style - bold and original. We love to combine completely unexpected colors and textures.

The girl from KNITEL - extraordinary person who appreciates comfort, quality and not afraid to experiment. She is not striving for innovations in fashion, she creates a unique look every day! And we are glad that every day you become more and more - it is the best motivation for us!

Nataliya Knitel